The ultimate app to easy use floppy images on your Amiga!

     Meet new generation of imaging software for Amiga with powerful functionality and classic system interface. It is the ADF/DMS/ADZ/HFE tool for AmigaOS that you need. GoADF lets you use ADF files like a pro on a real Amiga.

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The RAD disk management tool for classic Amiga

     RADManager is an intuitive tool that allows you to easily manage RAD disks. With just a few clicks, you can configure and create a RAD disk that you need.

It's so simple!

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The full screen SHELL for classic Amiga

      GoShell is a free and easy tool to open a Shell terminal in full screen. You can choose any screen mode, set the colors and fonts, change the terminal window settings, and more. Go Shell also has several predefined color sets, e.g. classic OS 3.x or OS 1.3, dark, green, orange etc.

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A Konquest clone to play on the WB

      Galactica is an Amiga version of the strategical Linux game Konquest. The goal is to dominate every single planet in the galaxy, defeating your opponent.

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