About GoShell

      GoShell is free and easy tool to open Shell terminal in fullscreen on separate screen. You can choose any screen mode, set the colors and fonts, change the terminal window settings, and more. GoShell also has several predefined color sets, e.g. classic OS 3.x or OS 1.3, dark, green, orange etc.

Main features of GoShell

  • Customizable screen, font and colors
  • A set of predefined color sets
  • Support for KingCON and ViNCEd (e.g. filename-completion with TAB )
  • Hiding the mouse pointer in full screen mode
  • Switching screens GoShell and others and quick access to the console with [Amiga]+m
  • Exit the console with [Ctrl] + \
  • ... and others :)


Preferences windows

Examples of predefined color schemes


GoShell is FREEWARE, but If you like this tool, you may donate some funds to bring a fresh cup of coffee to the author:



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Any Amiga with kickstart 3.0+