Why register?

By registering, you support the continued development of the program.

Price of the licence

The basic price is 30 PLN (polish zloty, it's ca. 7 EUR), 23% VAT included.

What you'll get?

The program is available at this internet site in the latest version. So you can download it from here.
If you choose to register, You'll receive an email with the your personal key, as soon as possible after the registration fee is received - usually within max. 2 days.
With the registration there will be no "Unregistered" notices on printouts and other places.
Your personal key will be active for all future releases.

How to register GoADF!

Payment via PayPal

I use PayPal to handle the registration.
PayPal accept many cards.
With PayPal you can either have a PayPal account or just use your credit or debit card directly.
On the order page, you can select either way.
PayPal Logo

There is no functional differences between standard and extended support,
extended support is only more money for me,
I try to support all users as well as I can :) 

Payment via wire transfer

You can wire transfer the money - just remember to send your name, address and email address.
The bank account number is:
SWIFT code: BREXPLPWMBK, IBAN PL17114020040000390278428707

If you decide to buy a program, you accept the terms of the RODO.