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Version Date File size Link
3.1.2 build 6228 (latest)2020-11-30478 803GoADF2020_b6228.lha
3.1.1 build 62212020-11-28478 737GoADF2020_b6221.lha
3.1 build 49112020-08-28478 707GoADF2020_b4911.lha
3.0 build 4880
A GoADF key is required
2020-08-02467 492GoADF2020_b4880.lha
2.2 build 3366 2020-02-03293 015GoADF2020_b3366.lha
2.0.3 build 29662019-12-06216 272GoADF2020_b2966.lha
2.0.2 build 2934 2019-11-23216 269GoADF2020_b2934.lha
2.0 build 2905 2019-11-16215 987GoADF2020_b2905.lha
1.2.1 build 1730 2019-07-3195 426GoADF2019_b1730.lha
1.1 build 1369 2019-05-0985 057GoADF2019_b1369.lha
1.0 build 1303 2019-04-2982 793GoADF2019_b1303.lha

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Version Date File size Link
4.0 (latest)2022-11-116 856ADFInfo40.lha

GoADF! icons

Version Date File size Link
Icons pack 1.02019-09-1218 528GoADF_icons.lha

GoADF! 3.1.2 build 6228 (30.11.2020)

Bug fixes:

  • DMS file handling error if temporary directory name was greater than 32 characters

GoADF! 3.1.1 build 6221 (28.11.2020)

Bug fixes:

  • the floppy motor was on after disk writing with verification

GoADF! 3.1 build 4911 (28.08.2020)

New features:

  • new config window added to select language
  • turkisch catalog (by Oguzhan Oguz) added
  • several bug-fixes

GoADF! 3.0 build 4880 (02.08.2020) released.

New features:

  • from now GoADF can be localized with the locale.library, included catalogs:
    • italian (by Samir Hawamdeh)
    • spanish (by Ignacio Gully)
    • french (by Mickael 'BatteMan' Pernot)
    • greek (by Nikos Pagonis)
    • russian (by Mikhail Malyshev)
    • finnish (by Joona Palaste)
    • german (by Frank Brandis)
    • czech (by Predseda)
    • norwegian (by Kolbjorn Barmen)
    • danish (by Michael Englyst)
    • dutch (by Folkert de Gans)
    • polish (AmigaPL by Krzysztof Donat)
    • polish (ISO-8859-2, conversion from AmigaPL by Mandi)
  • new original device goadf.device included:
    • full support for 68000
    • HD ADFs now can be mounted
  • 4 virtual drives can be additional enabled
  • appwindow enabled (disk images can be dragged into GoADF window)
  • GoADF! can be minimalized
  • new module to create new (empty) disk images
  • requesters with asl.library (no reqtools needed)
  • support for RAD disk (images can be written to RAD: )
  • new configuration options, like 'Do not show splash at startup' and others
  • GUI and procedures fixes for NG systems
  • new icons
  • several bug-fixes

GoADF! 2.2 build 3366 (03.02.2020) released.

New features:

  • new option for convert images from ADZ/ADF/DMS to HFE
  • support XVS library - now GoADF! detect bootblock viruses while loading the image, and will check all sectors on demand
  • optimizing procedures for loading and analyzing images
  • when write disk to ADF, GoADF! uses the name of the source volume that is mounted as default filename and checks if the file extension is present, if not it automatically append.

GoADF! 2.0.3 build 2966 (06.12.2019) released.

Bug fixes:

  • corrected default buffer sizes

GoADF! 2.0.2 build 2934 (23.11.2019) released.

New features:

  • add support for CLI args (e.g. #> GoADF FILE_TO_LOAD.adf)

GoADF! 2.0 build 2905 (15.11.2019) released.

New features:

  • add support for DMS files
  • add support for ADZ files
  • add support for HFE files
  • new module to convert images from HFE/ADZ/ADF/DMS to ADF/ADZ
  • sorting lists in all listviews
  • new configuration options

GoADF! 1.2.1 build 1730 (31.07.2019) released.

New features:

  • new module to create ADF files "Disk to ADF"
  • new option to verify disk writing
  • new options to configure screen (remove tooltypes from v1.1) and fonts
  • new option to configure work directories
  • new button "Refresh dir" in main window
  • new window for dates view (from reqtools to gadtools window)
  • add support for the tool field in project icons of ADF files

Bug fixes:

  • bug in write ADF routine fixed

GoADF! 1.1 build 1369 (08.05.2019) released.

New features:

  • running on the Workbench screen enabled, configuring by new tooltypes:
    • WB_SCREEN=(TRUE|FALSE) - if TRUE, the GoADF! will be opened on the Workbench screen, default FALSE
    • WB_WIN_WIDTH=xxx - if the WB_SCREEN tooltype is true, this param set width of the GoADF! windows, default 620
    • WB_WIN_HEIGHT=xxx - if the WB_SCREEN tooltype is true, this param set height of the GoADF! windows, default 400

GoADF! 1.0 build 1325 (04.05.2019) released.

Bug fixes:

  • allows mounting of ADF files with spaces in the name and path
  • fixed some linguistc errors

GoADF! 1.0 build 1303 (30.04.2019) released.

First public released